Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Sky, Entrelac, and Superman

I'm watching my mom's parrot Annie for a few days. As I was leaving her house a bird flew over - contemplating if it was a bat or a bird I decided, "It's a bird". Mom lives near Louisville International Airport and I looked westward to see a plane taking off ... thinking to myself, "It's a plane." As I got into my car I realized the only thing left was for Superman to come drifting down out of the sky in front of me. (Not sure, here, if it's the Dean Cain or the Christopher Reeve version, but either is good.) Alas. No Superman swooped.

Then I stopped at the grocery and found my superhero there. She was about six years old and was following "mom" who was pushing a race-car-cart with two toddlers in it. The coolest thing was, this 6-year-old was a superhero. Wonder Woman to be exact. Although the WW on her chest made me think more of WWF Smackdown than Lynda Carter's portayal. Nonetheless, there was my superhero[ine]. My day was complete.

Oh yes - the entrelac. Gotta admit I tried this a while back to see what the stitch pattern was like. It was with bamboo (a lovely yarn but not meant for what I was doing here). So with Noro's Silk Garden I am off again. Discovered a little part of the pattern that has you make the last picked up stitch and the first at the bottom of the triangle into one. It was a magical moment. See, before, I was not reading that part and wondered why I kept coming up with about 9 rows instead of the 8 called for over and over again. So here it is. Without any further ado.

Actual knitting progress.

Granted, it is not the La Lana Wools Faerie Queen, but I wanted to try it with a less pricey yarn before I went full tilt with the beautiful handspun La Lana Wool.

Another Knitting Moment
Indeed I have been knitting on some other stuff -- holding out on you, I guess. Here's the ArtYarns Regal Silk Diamond Shawl.
Close up.

Far away and spreading its wings.

Yet Another Knitting Moment
So I'm about to get started on the Vogue Spring/Summer 2006 cover skirt, but tried a different yarn to see if it would fill the bill. It did not, but it's good to practice and get used to doing the stitches and seeing what I have to watch so I don't have to tink like I have on the sample piece. Also tried the crocheted edge to see if I understand it before I get to the "real thing". It has its moments and a friend who is a crocheter will help me out Wednesday evening.


We had some rainy weather and some neat weather and some really really neat skies. Here for your viewing pleasure and thanks to Sandy for keeping us all "looking up", here's the sky recently.

Annie Sez
Since Samson is not a fan of the red light on the camera, you get to see what Mom's Annie-bird looks like. She's a fluffy football looking girl -- but the personality far and away makes up for anything you think she is missing by not having all her feathers in tact. Tonight she was regaling me with her versions of "Old McDonald", "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", among other great birdie hits. (oops a teaser there as I cannot seem to find any digitals of Miss Annie -- alas, an older Samson pic will have to do -- beg pardon.)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Yarn Fasting

According to yarnharlot, this is when you purposely go without buying yarn. Well, I've been there. But I finally have to get some to make the skirt on the cover of Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2006 for a friend's birthday.

Yes. It was the Spring issue.

Yes. I am going to make it in the pink even though it will be gifted this Fall (did I mention her birthday was in August?).

I was going to have to wait while Koigu dyed more yarn when I ordered from an online yarn shop (OYS?). However... Thanks to Patternworks for having the yarn in stock, I'll get to start on this in the next week or so!!

More later. And pictures, too!!