Thursday, June 09, 2005

My friend's 21st wedding anniversary

Yep! June 9, 1984. Boy-oh, time flies when you're having fun!!

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm sort of glad. Except I was supposed to have about three projects done by the end of the day and .... Oh, am I talking about work, must stop!!

Car Wash

So, I have been working on a scarf referred to as "car-wash" scarf because it has flaps at the ends kind of like those overhead swishy-swashers in the old-fashioned car washes (if you will). The scarf is fun -- I like the colors. It's done in Gedifra's Distrato Tutti (or as I keep trying to say - "disaster" because that's what parts of it were becoming as I moved stitches forcefully along the circular needles and kept pulling off live stitches without recovery being a possibility!!). The D. Tutti is a neat soft yarn. I love soft yarns - they're what got me started back into knitting and what make each trip to the LYS pure pleasure.

Family Visit

But I do go on... Friday some family I haven't seen in a couple of years is passing thru town and going to give me a visit. I'm thinking about tidying up -- tomorrow afternoon in a rush. Excited? Yes I'm excited about the visit, but not the tidying up.

Must Knit

Yep, I feel the urge coming over me again. Gotta go get my knit-fix!!


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