Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Siroopwafels - A Wonderful European Treat

All I can say is "YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!" A friend gifted me with some of these wonderful treats a couple years ago. I saw them today whilst shopping for some good chocolate (thanks Ian!!) If you can't find these delicous "siroopwafels" in a store near you, check here. Here's a picture of the treat from their website. Besides calling them "syrup waffles", they're also called stroop waffles.

I like to have one with a tall glass of milk. It's sort of like a stack of flapjacks, compacted into a delicious nosh. Or as one website put it: "
two wafers stuck together with a nearly invisible caramel-honey filling". Can you imagine anything much better than that? Oh yes, chocolate added ... hmmm, I might have to try dipping a couple in some chocolate.

Speaking of Chocolate
It was indeed chocolate that sent me to that particular shop in the first place. There were no Lindt 70% Cacao chocolate bars, BUT they had Shcarffen Berger Extra Dark C
hocolate with 82% Cacao. I recall reading about Shcarffen Berger chocolate as one of the best chocolates when I embarked into the Foodie World. One bite of this Extra Dark tells me I'd best find a recipe to use it in because it is tooooo much for even a nibble. Too much? that can't be right.

Samson Sez:
"Papaya. Papaya. It's your favorite!"


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