Friday, December 23, 2005

Alive and Well and Celebrating My Birthday ! ! !

Yes. Yes. It's true -- I'm still here. Just very busy the past few weeks and too tired to blog. I kept thinking up entries, but they didn't make it to typity-type on the blog.

Today's My Birthday!!!

After waking my mom up at 6:05 a.m. today to remind her of all the joys of childbearing she was enduring 43 years ago (actually she says I was so small I "popped out"), I got up and opened my presie from my sister in Texas.

Here it is:

First - a cute sticker I am to wear all day declaring my sister as a wonderful thoughtful person!!!

And this lovely platter for baked goodies. THANKS SIS!!!!!!

Minnesota is COLD!!!
Went to Minneapolis-St.Paul this past weekend to see family and visit a vendor on Monday. Fortunately my friends' home is warm since it was 1 degree Farenheit when we woke Sunday morning!!!! The boys like to have their mom hit the Celsius button on the van's outside temperature display -- it's usually in the negatives this time of year!!

We went to the Mall of America and it did not dissapoint.

There were beautifully decorated HUGE trees.

And Camp Snoopy was fun!!! I rode four rides and had a blast!!!

Roller Coaster

Ghost Blaster

I got a t-shirt at the Lake Wobegon store (and a CD of Pat Donahue's). And a couple of MN magnets, plus this cute Moosehead pencil-topper.

Finally, my uncle has been making birdhouses and I thought he'd like the concept presented in this store front -- a video shows the birdies flying in and out of the face's nostrils -- must tickle!!

Close-Knit Cafe
Yes. I'm still hanging out there a lot!! Even went to their Christmas party the evening I got back from Minneapolis!!

I'm going to teach a sock class this winter. Here's the start of the Bed Sock by Plymouth using the Baby Alplaca DK.

Samson Singz
"On the first...... FIVE GOLD ..... Four...... YEAY!!"

I thought the first five would be the easiest to learn -- he loves the FIVE GOLD rings part and he can sing at least some of the first day of Christmas... He keeps saying pomegranate instead of singing "partridge in a pear tree". I guess you go with what you know!!!

Wishing you and yours the best this season can bring. Blessings to you!!