Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Entrelac Progress

Well, here it is. About one-third of the way done. Lady Eleanor's Stole from ScarfStyle using Noro's Silk Gardens in a variety of colorways. I suppose it's hard to tell in the photo - but from your point of view it is 24" from top edge to bottom edge. I think it will be about 6 feet long when it's done - not including the knotted fringe that goes on it.

Gas prices dropped - again. Last week I saw a sign that said $1.97 for gas and 2 hours later it said $2.13 -- so don't blink when you see this sign because the price might jump back up again.

Squirrel on a Wire (you were expecting Bird on a Wire?)
While sitting at the same stop light where I took this photo, I happened to see a small squirrel gingerly running across the wires above this busy intersection. He's kind of small, but is right above the black sign you see the side of hanging from the thick black wires. Silly squirrels!! (As with all of my pictures posted here, you can click on the picture for a larger view to open in another window.)

My neighbors had a prom last Saturday night. The attendees were in their late 20's at the youngest. Here's a picture of the arbor where the adults had prom photos taken. My neighbor said they raised $2000 for a scholarship program at a local catholic church school. I know they were having a good time -- the band played on until about 1:00 a.m.

Autumn is Arriving
While waiting at church for a meeting this evening I happened to catch this lovely shot of colors and the church and... well, lovely colors.

I know I teased you unwittingly last post with a note about Annie - mom's African Gray Parrot -- and Samson's sister. Alas. I did not take a picture of her while there the next two evenings, either. But, mom had given me a picture of our sweet girl so here's a picture of a picture of Miss Annie. She and Samson turn 7 years old this month!!


At 10/18/2006 9:56 PM , Anonymous KOARC said...

Excellent pictures, and Samson's sister Annie is (almost) as cute as Samson!

"Entrelac" reminds me of "Similac", but I know that's something else entirely!


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