Friday, July 07, 2006


A shout out to Ian and Wendy - thanks for sharing about your all's activities on the 4th! It rained and thundered here. I snuck into the office and worked a bit to keep up with the week's taskings -- then was worn out and only vegged on the sofa working on the "other" two socks opting to not watch Jason Alexander with the Capitol Fourth.

I'm tempted by the Fleece Artist yarn Wendy is currently using for socks. Must knit faster...

Okay, I'm obviously blogging early to avoid getting ready for work -- avoidance is one of my biggest faults, followed by procrastination -- although it's likely the two are closely related, if not two sides of the same coin.

Nuff said -- catch ya later!!

PS Samson sez "HI" to cousin Jenny and wants to say to KOARC -- "I sprechen" (as learned from mama repeating the line from Madagascar by Marty the Zebra when asked by the penguin leader "
You, quadruped, sprechen ze English??")


At 7/09/2006 9:49 PM , Anonymous Psybrrr said...

Heidi, those are some way cool boots pictured in your June 25 entry!

And the sleigh bed shown in the June 27 entry is really nice. I'm thinking it's worth at least $20K at auction (but then I know absolutely nothing about that sort of thing!)

Your mention of the University of Kentucky colors reminded me of a "Family Feud" episode I saw this past week. The category was "Things from Kentucky", and the team which chose to play guessed all kinds of stupid things and overlooked the obvious, including bourbon, can you believe it?!


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