Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dr. Seuss On the Loose

One Sock, Two Sock ...

First, let me say that THIS is what happens when one black sock goes in the wash with the white load and one goes where it was supposed to:

One Sock, Two Sock Gray Sock, Black Sock

Fortunately, my mom gave me a pair of snazzy Laredo boo
ts that don't allow my socks to be seen (Thanks MOM!)

One Sock, Two Sock White Sock, Green Sock

Yes, actual knitting has gone on. And, No, I do not plan to wear these as a pair -- their mates are beginning this week. The left sock is with Plymouth's Sockotta using pattern S121. Of course, after working on the sole (see below) I realized this would be a great yarn to knit in stockinette instead of a pattern to see the true beauty of the yarn. Alas... On the right is Skacel's Trekking XXL (colorway 100) with a pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I knitted the former on 5" dpns and the latter on two circulars - my first go with circs for socks. It was pretty straightforward after I got going and the gusset decreases were not a problem once I believed understood what the pattern wanted me to do.

The one on the left - pattern and sole ...

The one on the right - pattern and sole ...

I learned the reason for using long circulars for socks is because the needles might otherwise be right in your way if you use 16" circs. I will have to let you know which I prefer because the circs weren't too bad, I think mostly just the learning curve was where I struggled.

Not just socks
And yes, I HAVE BEEN KNITTING other things, too, even though I've not shown you pictures lately. Here's the swatch from the Multidirectional Knitting Class with Iris Schreier at the TNNA Market. This is the "shapes to learn" for the Sheer One Piece Shawl in Modular Knitting.

And here's the actual Shawl begun with Artyarns Regal Silk (loving it!!)

Samson Sez:

Mr. T-perch has become his favorite "hiding place". Each night before tickle-time, Samson goes behind Mr. T-perch and ducks as if I can't see him. I say, "Where's Samson?", and he pops up so his head is above the t-bar -- and I say "There he IS!!" He's quite silly about it all, really.


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