Friday, November 25, 2005

Tryptophan - Excuse of the Ages

While the "How Stuff Works" website may say that tryptophan in turkey is not enough to make one sleepy, I think there really is a compounding effect when combined with the chemicals in sweet potato balls, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dumplings, oriental slaw, cranberry jello salad, yeasty rolls, and dutch apple pie.

Mom and my nephew enjoying dessert.

Now that Bingo is no longer the post turkey-feast activity, we were all looking for a flat surface to place ourselves for napping. Apparently not everyone indulged in the turkey like I did (after all, I made it and couldn't wait to get taste after taste) and instead of napping, our heads were filled with the "sugar plums" of the Friday-sales ads. It sounded like we did when we'd get the Sears "Wish Book" catalog as kids.

Speaking of kids, here's my 13 month old great nephew - he's such a cutie!!!!!

The Turkey?
Okay, I couldn't resist so here's a picture of the succulent bird. Third year of using the recipe from Alton Brown at Always a hit!!

Do you always carry so many projects with you?

Asked by my nephew's beautiful new wife of 5 months, as I pulled out the necklace from DIY Network's Teen Knits episode with author, Jennifer Wenger:

The red hat with Twilleys of Stamford's Freedom Wool (to begin working on; here it is finished)

The woven-stitch patterned coaster (which if changed t
o 16 stitches wide instead of the 30, could be a wonderful belt -- the fabric is sturdy and kind of looks like fair-isle without all the yarn carrying):

The Close-Knit Cafe mascot's scarf of SRK yarns:

Is it cold where you are?
I am sitting here with Cathy (red poncho) and Gigi (Elegant Gauntlets) on as the temperature reminds us that winter is on its way. It's been getting down to the low 30s at night already. I've already begun sleeping under an electric blanket, which actually causes me to have to get up when my alarm sounds. The snooze button doesn't recognize me with the odd electrical charge eminating over me, so I have to either uncover (read GET COLD) and hit the snooze, or shut off the alarm, or get up. Unfortunately the latter is the most realistic option for getting my arse out of bed and on to the day's work.

Samson Sez
"Ha ha ha ... ha ha ha ha... oh shoot ... ha ha ha."


At 11/27/2005 8:36 PM , Anonymous Ian said...

Wow, that turkey using Alton Brown's recipe sure looks perfect! He must know everything there is to know about food. Those pictures of your family members are great, and Samson is the cutest of them all.



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