Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Get Motivated!!"

I am so very exhausted motivated!! Our work team attended a Peter Lowe Get Motivated seminar today. It was actually a Zig Ziglar gig, but Peter Lowe figured into it, so I figure their partnering on Success now!! Got to hear Jerry Lewis, Bob Baffert, Pat Day, Rudy Giuliani, and some other persons of note in sales, investing and real estate talk.

My co-workers were very excited to be there. See?

Sorry, Phil Town, Louisville's motivation-needy do not know what a CL55AMG is - even if you show us a picture. But we are indeed not a "pick-up truck with a gun rack in the window" town, either. We have two Ford plants in Louisville though, so the fact you own a Chevy pick-up in Jackson Hole, WY, was not truly endearing to the crowd, either.

But James Smith, real-estate guru, (no website found thru Google) wa
s a hoot. He's so deadpan and very humorous. When I was catching on to his monotone delivery being a sneaky way to get his wit out there, I was listening intently. You gotta find a guy interesting whose virtual first question upon meeting you is, "Do you rent or own?"

Do I sound a little negative? I don't really mean to be, I'm just worn out. A lot of energy created for 7 hours can wear one out.

Now for the KNITTING!
But on to the more important things occurring at this seminar. I knit a gauge swatch for a hoodie I'm contemplating (and got gauge!! [a shock to me since it's the first time I knit a gauge swatch]). And I knit a soft soft soft scarf. (Did I mention that the scarf is soft?)

Here's the gauge swatch from Stylecraft Linen Look DK:

And here's the scarf from Sirdar Wow! I only used one skein and it's smallish for an adult, so I may be gifting a child with this one!

And a close-up of the Wow! mmmmmmm

Samson Sez
"Apple. Apple. Apple. Can you say 'Apple'?"


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