Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What a Difference A WEEK Makes

Goodness, has it been a whole week since I've blogged? You betchya, but not because of anything like a vacation. Just been overwhelmingly overwhelmed. Don't know why I didn't carry my knitting with me. That always seems to help me relax a bit. But of course, working on the computer all day AND knitting don't exactly work either.

Alas, no photos today. I'm at my sister's house and don't have a way to upload my pics.

You'll enjoy them once I get them loaded, though, trust me.

Samson is getting his weekly shower in one, and I have a picture of a HUGE garden spider and a HUGE cicada that was making mega-racket outside one evening this week.

I think I have pictures of additional stash-building activities when I figured out I was not going to Disney World for 8 days in October (and had some extra $ on hand). I've performed a wedding in the time I've been away from you, too. Alas, yes, very busy.

Samson Sez
"Old McDonald had a ........ BIRD!" (Honest, I don't make these things up, but HE sure does!!)


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