Saturday, September 17, 2005

Is Skipping Allowed?

You know how it is when you're talking with a special friend/family member who speaks "your language". Well today, you are that person for a short period of time. Honored? Terrified? I understand.

I had trouble with my hard drive back in May. Still recovering with a new hard drive and so
me great recovery software from GetDataBack. However, I find my music skips occasionally, or hangs. Bad? No, I don't think, so much. Just occasionally noticeable. Of course, Wendy has made me want an IPod, so now I'm wondering what I'll do to convert my wma files to mp3s. But that's another post entirely.

Jammin' with the Bird
I'm sittin' here enjoying my new (to me) Bose TriPort headphones I won from ebay for half the price. At this moment, I don't think the crack in the plastic of the top of the headphones part is affecting the playback at all. Thanks, icc3! Anywho, I'm enjoying my tunes clear and pure and, well in the most Bose-way possible.

Samson is having to put up with my singing without
hearing the tunes behind the "madness". At least I keep a good enough beat that he can still bob his head to.

Additions to the Yarn Stash

I promised yesterday that I would share pictures
of additions to the yarn stash from our nation's capital. Here's the pic:

Then I came home and was still in the mood to add to the stash. So I went to Carma and Close-Knit and purchased some more lovelys. (pictures tomorrow)

So I forgot
to mention the wonderful gift from my sis in Texas. A L.L. Bean Personal Organizer. I saw our other sister had one when we were on a Disney cruise last Fall. Jealously, I menioned it to said sister and she quickly fixed her error by gifting me with one for my birthday. It's perfect for such travel needs, whether a couple days or a couple of weeks, really.

My mom went out of town for her high school's class "alumni" which occurs annually in lieu of a class reunion, since there were about 50 in her graduating class. So I'm taking care of her African Gray, Annie, until tomorrow afternoon. Annie's a sweetie.

Samson Sez:
"Can you say, ':Hi Oakland?'" (our neighbor boy)


At 9/21/2005 10:18 PM , Anonymous Jenny said...

Wow! What a busy girl you are!! I am getting steadily tired-er so I only scanned through your blog, but I'll be back soon to do a more thorough look-through. In the mean time, take a deep breath and have a lovely evening. Talk to you soon - Love and miss you,


ps- gosh Grandma is skinny!
pps - DC looked like fun!
ppps- Samson is getting cuter I think
pppps- you are free to scout out my (very very new) blog. address below


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