Thursday, October 06, 2005

Knitting Season

The temperatures are cooling. The daylight hours are getting shorter. More motorcyclists are wearing jackets instead of t-shirts ... Must be Knitting Season!!! You know what I'm talking about. The weather turns cooler and all thoughts turn to snuggling in the warm house by the fireplace wearing some toasty knitted garments.

Funny how summer-time doesn't entice knitters to knit nearly as much as the fall and winter do. Alas I still have projects on needles from last winter that got put aside as the weather warmed (on circ's, so hopefully no obvious rows sticking out from all these months tucked away!). I suppose if we all lived in Greenland or at the North or South Pole, we'd be more likely to knit regularly.

Happy Anniversary!

It's been a year this week since I started back to knitting. Did I mention my mom said I could open a knit shop with just the yarn I've accumulated in my house? Maybe not a whole store, but I could have a good yard sale (as if) with my stash. I was reading some intelligent knitter-blogger's blog [sorry, cannot remember who, but if I do, I'll put in the link!!] the other day (and Snooze today) and I think she totally gets it. She says that we have those special yarns, sometimes, that we just can't imagine exactly what we want a particular yarn to become, but love having the yarn all the same. Count me in!!

Each month a group of us gather the first Tuesday of the month and write notes or make calls to folks who have visited our church. It's called GROW. Here's a picture of the happy gals I get to spend time with each month!

And Katie brought her new best friend, Callie! She's sort of a honey-colored Toto. (Katie's colors are pink and green, though, now ruby red slippers for her!)

Samson Sez
"Do you see the squirrels? Can you say 'Hi, squirrels!'"?


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