Monday, October 10, 2005

Sittin' and Knittin'

Notice that I'm not freaking out over the past week. Work went smoothly (boss out 3 days) and a co-worker helped me get a tedious project rolled out. I've actually been knitting and am ready to tell about it!

I mentioned I was working on a scarf in Super 10 Cotton. Here's
a pic (sideways):

Colorway: Carousel -- 40 stitches allow for a river up the middle (on US 9, each color is about 15 stitches wide).

I treated myself (shock!) to an Elizabeth Austen bag from Close-Knit Cafe.

The LYS had its Grand Opening Celebration Friday and Saturday so I spent a while there both days knittin' and talking to customers (there were lots!). Here's a picture of Mylinda and Judy with John Fischer of the Mayor's office.

John presented Judy and Mylinda with a proclamation that "October 7 is Close-Knit Cafe Grand Opening Day". How pleasantly unexpected it was for Judy and Mylinda (w
ho were both worn out from preparation for the event).


Here's some Plymouth Royal Cashmere I got to make a scarf and I'm thinking I will border it in the SRK Pom - both are so soft!!!

I'm planning to start on the Elegant Gauntlets from Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience: The Purl Stitch (Book 2). I have two balls of Koigu KPPPM and size US 3 DPN's in my new bag ready to start!!

Saturday my car ran out of gas as I left it running to stop by church and snap a picture of the volunteers working the "
Tour de Spirit -- Riding to Break the Cycle of Poverty" bike ride ( I was only going to be a minute -- 40 minutes later I returned to a quiet car. Fortunately there's a service station just a block away and I now own a gas can all my own! The tank is full and my friends and family don't have to worry (for the next two weeks) that they might have to rescue me!

I helped my mom paint her shed yesterday (photo cropped because I know she wouldn't want you to see her painting outfit!!). She'd actually done most of it during the wamer days last week -- I was left with the back which wasn't too bad, really. I learned we were "slathering", not painting. It made the work go much faster.

Samson Sez
"Kramer! (insert whistle for dog) Is that your big dawg? Hi there!!"


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