Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Back Up Three Yards and Punt!

Football has always been one of my all-time favorite spectator sports. I don't totally understand everything, even today, but I do enjoy watching. I'm glad football season is here because mom and I can listen to the game while we're in the kitchen playing cards on Sunday afternoons. But today's title has more to do with the Gauntlets than football.

Last night I was finding an extra rib sort of in between two of the DPNs. Decided I'd just knit two together and go on -- first project on DPNs -- didn't have to be perfect -- was just for me... Well, when my little Samson decided he wasn't going to bed without a bite (of me, that is), I decided to wait him out and sat down on the couch at *something* after midnight.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet
Well, apparently my decision to completely restart the Gauntlet was more time consuming than I realized, or I had sat down later than I thought, because it was 1:30 when I put down the nice new start on the Gauntlet and decided to talk to Samson one more time about the value of a good night's sleep inside his house.

No go. Apparently he can survive without me actually making sure he's safe inside his house and covered up for the night - but not a practice we're going to encourage (or tolerate) one bit.

So try # 7 appears to be going splendidly along for the Gauntlet. Anyone want to name them? It seems kind of funny to just keep saying "Gauntlet."

Work Smirk

We receive ComputerWorld at the office each week. I try to read thru it when I have a moment. There's usually something useful to me or our team every few weeks. The following item, however, was a bit depressing. We figured if we added all of our salaries together, we might make what the folks in the Washington DC area are making. Maybe I'll leave them to flounder and sneak off for a job in northern Virginia ... hmmmmm

From the September 12 issue (click picture for an enlarged view):

(Oddly, King of All Remote Controls, they do not mention your place of work. Must be too busy to subscribe to or read -- or respond to surveys -- from said pub.)

Famous Last Words:
"Are you ready for nighty-night?"


At 10/23/2005 10:41 PM , Anonymous Ian said...

Actually, that article in ComputerWorld does mention my place of work... it's an agency within the second department listed in that first column.


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