Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Measuring Time By Knitted Items Not Days

So my kid sister calls the other day and said, "Rather than say how many days it's been since we've talked, tell me how many items you've knit up since we talked." We both laughed uproariously!! Same with you, I've been away knitting and pondering and sniffling and knitting ... oh yeah, and working a lot!!

Here's what's happened since last we met...

Hat with Sockatta yarn and a provisional cast on (thanks!)

Hat with Plymouth Yukon and a little Reynolds Lopi (the gold) since I got over zealous with the number of stitches I cast on.

A woven stitch pattern using the Carousel colorway of Super 10 cotton. I'm really liking this stitch with this yarn (thanks, Shanti, for the inspiration from your socks!!!)

The nearly completed Sampler Scarf from Plymouth Baby Alpaca (psst! It's actually done, more tomorrow).

Scarf with Schulana Caramba (by Skcel) and Tahki Select Lucky ribbon - started 2004, found this week and finished!!

SRK Pom and Stylecraft's Gypsy mixed together for this big softy: (not blurry, just very fuzzy soft!!)

Gigi is fine' !!! Here's a blurry picture - I think I was chilly without them on and was shaking the camera.

Okay, more when I have a chance to type up what else has been going on in a bit.

Samson will also make his appearance later. Thanks for stopping by -- and for not losing hope that I was still around.


At 11/16/2005 7:22 PM , Blogger lavg said...

hi Heidi ! i'm not a knitter, but appreciate the hard work ! looks good ! by the way, you have a very smart bird ! L. Goslen


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