Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knittin' and Teachin' Knittin' and Stuff

So it seems that I've been teaching knitting about as much as I've been knitting lately. Fortunately I actually had a day off from teaching, today, so I enjoyed knitting on a couple or three other things I've had in the works. There's the Lady Eleanor in Noro's Silk Garden sock yarn - smaller, but not smaller.

I was encouraged by students to whom I'd been teaching Entrelac to move forward with the beautiful Noro Silk Garden in the sock yarn. Couldn't say no to students, could I?

Next Up
I'm working on an intarsia
scarf for a class in May. It would be better if I actually used the colors the pattern suggested, but somehow I just ended up creating my own version of the pattern . . . but my students will know how to do it well now that I'm learning to do it well.

Got a New Car

Kia is the name, Spectra is the game. I tell people I have a Kuh-Kuh-Kuh-Kia (think chia pet holiday ads on T I feel like a grown up - there are auto windows, auto locks, I can open the trunk from inside the 'cabin'. The fact that I am a grown up has nothing to do with what I feel like. I typically feel like I'm in my late teens or early twenties.

Perhaps I would rather be THERE, but have the knowledge I have now. Isn't that many of us?

My kid sister moved to Orlando, Florida, finally. She's been dreaming of doing this for about 10 years. She always said she wanted to be there by the time she was 40. And she made it with 3 weeks to spare. I'm not going to say her name so you won't know WHO turned 40 (see Amy, I knew I could do it!!) but let's just say that she's a very special person in my life and I look forward to visiting her at her place that is within one mile of the Magic Kingdom. She writes for and is an avid poster at

I taught a Beginning Crochet class in March. I learned how to crochet over 30 years ago, so it wasn't as easy to teach as knitting has been since I recently learned knitting and I know many "hints" and methods for making Knitting work for YOU. The Crochet, not so much. But I've enjoyed getting reacquainted with this way of creating fabric. Having to THINK about what I'm doing when I'm crocheting was a lot harder. Thanks to websites like Crochet911, I was able to back up to what I knew students need to learn and how to explain the techniques. Here's a toddler's hat a friend MADE me crochet because she had done up such a cute sample at the store and had the pattern handy - right there - with the YARN that was used -- me? pass up a new pattern? of something so cute? that meant I had to get more YARN? Me? yep!

Okay. I'm gonna post some pics now so you aren't just staring at TEXT and wondering to yourself, why did I want to look at this blog again?

Mirasol Yarn is WONDERFUL !!
Here's a recent ongoing project (monogamy is not really a recurring theme for me) using Mirasol's Tupa which is 50% merino wool and 50% silk. I bought the book of Judy Ellison's patterns that included this pattern (pictured on the cover of the book in a soft green and a different Mirasol yarn) just so I could have this pattern. After finding out the pattern was a simple 3X3 checkerboard pattern I wanted to kick my self, but the shop has many other Mirasol yarns coming in this Spring so I am energized and enabled to make many other items in the book! (Thanks a lot, Susan and Maria!).

There was something about speedknitting at ravelry (or was it on facebook about ravelry or about knitty?) and I felt compelled to start on the same project. So start I did. This was when I had discretionary spending money to use on yarn so I ended up with a little more Cascade yarn in a lovely butter yellow for the project. It's hemlock and I started on it, but didn't do anything with the speed part. So here it is as I slowly move along on it:

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