Sunday, March 12, 2006

Thanks for Checking Back

You know, if I had been blogging more regularly, I wouldn't have to put such generic titles to my blog, eh? Yes, I'm still alive and kickin'. More like still alive and KNITTIN'!!! Too many projects on needles, but finally finding joy in a couple that I want to keep working on.

Currently knitting a v-neck shell for the shop using Plymouth's Fantasy Naturale. Quite a thick cotton yarn -- I like it and it makes a nice fabric.

Started my second sock class yesterday; with one student, again. God
's taking care of me by not giving me too many people to work with at a time!!!! I like the pattern and felt more organized this month (sorry Evie - you were a guinea pig, I guess!!). I'm also trying socks on circs and liking it so far. The class is on DPNs ... don't want to scare away a new student.

Been Felting
I had a title for the blog I was going to post with all the felting projects pictured: If it felts good, do it!!! Well, you get the title, and some pictures, at least. I like the S 'n' B book's bag on page 172 and modified it to meet the needs I felt I had for a bigger bag. I used Noro's Iro with outstandi
ng results! I also did a bag in Schaefer's Elaine.

Here's the Schaefer bag before and after. You should go by the shop to see it in person!!!


And if you want to see the Noro bag, you'll have to see my sister in Sulphur Springs, TX, as she'll soon be receiving it as a surprise. (girls, if you read this, don't tell your mom!!!) Well, okay,maybe a peek here:


Yes. I knitted a sweater ... a whole sweater!!!! It's a Neck-Down pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple. The shop had a class for the sweater, but I didn't sign up. Then EVERYONE was knitting the sweater and I couldn't resist. The class generously let me join them late. Oddly, I was the first to finish my sweater (although none of us finished it during the class range). Here's an action shot:

Samson Is Silly as Ever!!
While we're quickly moving into March, he's still enthralled with "HO HO HO...." to which I MUST respond, "Merry Christmas!"

I spend $$ on toys for the silly bird and what does he play with? Plastic bags from the store. I told him it could be hazardous for him to play with it (the fine print and all) but he didn't seem to care.