Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Siroopwafels - A Wonderful European Treat

All I can say is "YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!" A friend gifted me with some of these wonderful treats a couple years ago. I saw them today whilst shopping for some good chocolate (thanks Ian!!) If you can't find these delicous "siroopwafels" in a store near you, check here. Here's a picture of the treat from their website. Besides calling them "syrup waffles", they're also called stroop waffles.

I like to have one with a tall glass of milk. It's sort of like a stack of flapjacks, compacted into a delicious nosh. Or as one website put it: "
two wafers stuck together with a nearly invisible caramel-honey filling". Can you imagine anything much better than that? Oh yes, chocolate added ... hmmm, I might have to try dipping a couple in some chocolate.

Speaking of Chocolate
It was indeed chocolate that sent me to that particular shop in the first place. There were no Lindt 70% Cacao chocolate bars, BUT they had Shcarffen Berger Extra Dark C
hocolate with 82% Cacao. I recall reading about Shcarffen Berger chocolate as one of the best chocolates when I embarked into the Foodie World. One bite of this Extra Dark tells me I'd best find a recipe to use it in because it is tooooo much for even a nibble. Too much? that can't be right.

Samson Sez:
"Papaya. Papaya. It's your favorite!"

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Remiss in Writing

Write or Wrong
Alas, I am indeed alive and well!! Seems like summer caught up with me and I stopped blogging. I've finally about recovered from my hard drive crash late May. My IT friend sez, "If you'd back up your stuff, it wouldn't be so catastrophic." Don't you love HINDsight?!!

Been to Texas

Actually I went to Texas before I began blogging, but now that the pictures are uploaded, thought I'd share. Rode my '94 Honda Shadow VLX to Texas and back over Memorial Day weekend for my niece's high school graduation.

In my endeavor to "collect states", I dropped down from Memphis and rode into Mississippi far enough to stop and get this shot, turn around at the next exit, and head back on my way. 850 miles in one day included this side trip.

Then went to graduation the next evening (my sis, niece and brother-in-law):

Then headed back home, dropping down out of Texarkana to see IDA, Louisian

And yes, I do actually knit. Not while riding the motorcycle, but it's a nice past time when I'm not on the road. Just finishing up a poncho, Cathy
, by Queensland, using the Maldive yarn in a red colorway. I think I can still knit other stitches, but so much of the Moss Stitch has put my hands in a rhythm they're struggling to forget. (Picture soon, after I've finished stitching it together!!)

Phrase of the Day from Samson:
"Can you gargle?"